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The Life Home Project Foundation
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The Life Home Project Foundation

The Life Home Project Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of preventing the spread of HIV, as well as helping HIV-infected/affected people and AIDS patients. We have been registered under Thai law from the time of our founding date in 2002 and have been continuously serving the HIV/AIDS community in Phuket since.

Our Mission Statement

The Life Home Project Foundation’s, a non-profit organization, mission is to provide a nurturing, safe environment for Thai children who are HIV-infected or affected to fulfill their dream of living a productive life.




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Thank you to those who believe in our children

To those below who believe in our children

  • A Special Thank you to Mr. Christian Spleiss whose large financial donation will help the Life Home Project Foundation survive this major health crisis
  • 4B Fehster AG
  • BMR-Storen AG
  • Barizzi AG
  • Baumann, Koelliker AG
  • Friedios Schreinerei GmbH
  • Heierli Partner Haustechnik AG
  • Isotop AG
  • Kurtisi AG
  • M. G. Gartenpflege Gebert
  • Maler Steinauer GmbH
  • Paintbox Zurich GmbH
  • Peter Bamert Bodenwelten GmbH
  • Schreinerei Telle AG
  • Weber-Muller AG
  • Zulli AG
  • Casella AG
  • Rene Ueckert AG
  • Kurt Keller AG
  • Kurath Elektro + Telefon AG
  • Casa Gipser AG
  • Metallbautechnik AG
  • Zust.Patrick Fah
  • Lee Marine