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The Life Home Project Foundation


Helping women and children suffering from HIV/AIDS in Thailand to have a better life with a caring home, educational opportunities and access to treatment.

The Life Home Project Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of offering children, women and patients suffering from HIV/AIDS a more dignified life, preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS in Phuket, Thailand and fighting against the stigmatisation of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our children’s home offer HIV-infected and HIV-affected children a warm shelter, provide a caring environment and higher quality of life than they would otherwise have with HIV-positive or AIDS-stricken family members.

The Life Home Project Foundation’s daycare service for children of HIV affected families allows HIV-positive parents to earn a living during the day while their children are being cared for. The young children are given nutritious meals, taught child development exercises and given a general education to prepare them for kindergarten.

Our educational scholarship program financially supports the children currently living in the project as well as those who have lived at the project and are now old enough to be living in the community.