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The Life Home Project Foundation

Our History

The Life Home Project Foundation is a non-profit organization with the goal of preventing the spread of HIV, as well as helping HIV-infected/affected people and AIDS patients. We have been registered under Thai law from the time of our founding date in 2002 and have been continuously serving the HIV/AIDS community in Phuket since.

In the past The Life Home Project Foundation acted as a hospice for women with AIDS and gradually became a shelter as the disease became manageable. We began our mission by promoting quality of life and offering vocational training through arts and crafts at our shelter. The Life Home Project Foundation provided HIV infected women opportunities to attend various Handicraft Workshops where they could learn to paint cards, shirts and many other items. The Bakery Workshop taught women to bake cakes and snacks, while the Sewing Workshop trained women to produce uniforms, pillowcases, and other products in demand, which were then sold. The Life Home Project Foundation also provided education for HIV affected women and their children, as well as helped HIV-positive persons and AIDS patients in the community and in hospitals.

Providing an opportunity for these people to develop their skills and feel useful again dramatically increased their self-esteem and confidence. As a result, the quality of life of many HIV-infected people improved; most of them have been able to return to their communities and to support themselves and their families. Furthermore, access to anti-retroviral medications has meant that HIV infected individuals can now lead much healthier lives in the long term.